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Visa 360˚ App

Atmosphere Proximity

Knowing the breathtaking athletic feats of the Winter Olympic Games are almost impossible for the average viewer to comprehend, Visa and Atmosphere Proximity brought skiing, skating and snowboarding fans a unique way to witness the work that goes into the wonders through an innovative new view on Olympic training with the Visa 360º App.

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  • Challenge

    With more than 25 years sponsoring the Olympics, Visa knew the closer fans get to the athletes, the more engaged they become in the games, and transitively, with sponsors. So for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Visa challenged us to use the digital space to bring the younger, more extreme-sport-focused aficionados of the Winter Olympic Games closer to the action that ever before.

  • Solution

    With the Visa 360˚ App, we placed fans into the shoes, skis and skates of their favorite athletes. The unique experience included panoramic, multi-lens HD footage stitched together to provide a seamless, fully interactive 360˚ first-person perspective on Olympic training. By tilting, moving or swiping their mobile device, fans could move the camera to see what each athlete sees. With Olympians from four countries, translations in three languages and a revolutionary way to experience Sochi’s biggest events, we helped Visa give fans worldwide unprecedented access in an equally unprecedented manner.

  • Results

    Apple featured the experience in the App Store during the Sochi Games, and the app surpassed 600,000 downloads in just 4 weeks with no paid media support.