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Novo Nordisk

True Weight History Assessment

Atmosphere Proximity

In an effort to help those considering stomach-reduction surgery consider something far less invasive, Novo Nordisk and Atmosphere developed the TrueWeight History Assessment — a digital tool to enable people to get a new, data-fueled perspective on their history with weight control.

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  • Challenge

    Novo Nordisk needed to set the stage for launch of its new weight loss drug, Saxenda, a remedy for the chronically overweight who might be considering stomach-reduction surgery. The company tasked us with making sure the unbranded experience not only resonated with this audience, but instilled hope that weight control could still become under their personal control with the right assistance.

  • Solution

    We invited individuals to use their own data to instill that hope with the TrueWeight History Assessment. Imagine, after years of wrestling with weight, you could see patterns in the decades of ups and downs. Or discover that a weight loss strategy you tried years ago was, in fact, the only one that ever truly worked. Using drag & drop illustrations, we enabled users to record when they’ve gained or lost weight over time and indicate various methods used to lose weight. Once completed, the tool displayed a personalized report revealing patterns in the user’s decades-long battle — and recommended the best strategies to replicate going forward.

  • Results

    The unbranded experience led to the successful introduction of Saxenda. And as an ongoing tool, the report makes difficult doctor/patient talks more productive by suggesting questions people can ask as thought starters, with the goal of enabling patients to co-develop a treatment plan to finally help them take control of their health.