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Global Brand Platform

Atmosphere Proximity

To turn “the best kept secret in business” into far less of one, Cognizant and Atmosphere Proximity invited the world to Keep Challenging with a global brand platform that helped enable the business services and technology provider to leapfrog many of its competitors into true “Tier 1” territory.

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  • Challenge

    In a crowded and established enterprise-services industry, launching a new brand
is difficult enough. For Cognizant Technology Solutions, a global provider of business consulting and IT services, we had to do it with a fraction of the competition’s marketing budgets and in an era of extreme volatility, where yesterday’s winners threaten to quickly become today’s losers.

  • Solution

    As the business services provider pioneering a more flexible, collaborative approach, Cognizant was uniquely qualified to answer the need for new thinking. Fuelled by the insight that those who stand apart never stand still, we launched “Keep Challenging” — a rallying cry designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in global businesses. We brought the brand platform to life through linear TV, online content, social media, digital display and, most importantly to drive business, a redesigned global web platform. And we helped evangelize the story everywhere it needed to resonate: town halls, sponsorships, recruitment events, annual meetings and more.

  • Results

    Since the launch of Keep Challenging, awareness of Cognizant has outpaced the competition, rising by almost 30% globally, by over 42% with senior enterprise IT targets, and by almost 60% with line-of-business leaders. But what we’re most proud of is how our efforts have impacted the organization’s ability to meet its goals: Gartner’s 2016 Global Consulting analysis ranked Cognizant as a “Tier 1” provider, and the company’s own brand tracking studies reveal its image exceeds rivals on three critical decision-drivers: Innovation, Industry Expertise and Collaborative Working Style.